Vadivelu Comedy with Sarathkumar

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Vadivelu Comedy with Sarathkumar from Tamil movie named Diwan. This movie was released in year 2003. Sarathkumar, Kiran did the lead roles in this movie. Sarathkumar did a dual role in this Diwan movie. Vadivelu comedy is the best in this movie. Both Sarathkumar and Vadivelu comedy at the non vegetarian hotel for chicken 65 comedy is the best. The other comedy as to open a clothing shop is also the best comedy scenes in this movie. This movie was directed by Surya Prakash who directed Maayi. Music for this film was composed by S.A.Rajkumar. Meenakshi, Anandraj, Manorama also did the lead roles in this movie. This movie is also released in Hindi in the name of Mahabali. This movie is produced by P.L.Thenappan.

About Vadivelu Comedy with Sarathkumar

In this comedy, a person orders chicken 65 and counts it. The number of pieces are only 5, so he is asking vadivelu where is the rest 60 pieces for him. Since Vadivelu not able to manage that person, he calls Sarathkumar for help. Sarathkumar explains the way to the person is hilarious and take two pieces saying that these are extra and not belongs to him.

In order to become rich and to marry Kiran, Sarathkumar needs money. To get the money Sarathkumar sees and advertisement for karate fight show where he starts to prepare himself to join in the competition and to win the money and marry Kiran. For practicing eating fresh eggs and doing  jogging for a short run is also the best part of Vadivelu comedy and Sarathkumar Comedy.

This comedy also travels that Sarathkumar participates in a karate fight show where he can win three laks. Vadivelu comedy at out of stage is remarkable explaining each and every activity of Sarthkumar when he fights with real karate persons where as Vadivelu explains that Sarathkumar as a parotta master.



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