Parotta Soori Comedy Scene – Kaththukkutti

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Parotta Soori Comedy Scene from Tamil movie Kaththukkutti released in the year 2015. Naren, Shrusthi Dange did the lead roles in this movie. Parotta Soori did the comedy role in this movie. This movie was directed by R.Saravanan. This movie was produced by Ramkumar. Cinematography for this movie was done by Santhosh Sriram.  Background score and music for this film was composed by Arul Dev. This movie have a good message about the problems that will occur because of Methane setup in Tanjore district.

Parotta Soori Comedy Scene – Kaththukkutti

Parotta Soori Comedy Scene  in this Kaththukkutti movie is good. Parotta Soori did the best comedy as he acted as Naren’s friend in this movie. Not only comedy, he also did the best supporting role in this movie. This comedy scene revolves around after drinking.  They do the nasty things to next door in order to escape from Naren’s father. Comedy dialog delivered by Naren’s grandmother against Parotta Soori Comedy Scene is excellent . Even though it comes only for few minutes, those are remarkable ones in this movie.

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