Parotta Soori Best Tamil Comedy – Sundarapandian

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Parotta Soori Best Tamil Comedy – Sundarapandian

Sundarapandian – Movie released in the year 2012 directed by SR Prabhakaran. Sasi kumar and Lakshmi menon did the lead role where Parotta Soori comedy scenes along with sasi kumar.

Parotta soori acted as friend for sasi kumar who also helps their other friends to cover lakshmi menon.
Vijay sethupathi and Appukutty also did some important role in this movie. Parotta soori acted in this movie named as murugesan.

About this movie

Sundarapandian (M. Sasikumar) is a son of rich landlord in Kandamanoor leads a happy life and spends all time with his friends. Sundarapandian ensures that he is always of some help to his friends. One day, he goes to ensure that his friend’s(Inigo Prabhakaran) love is conveyed to a girl Archana (Lakshmi Menon), who happens to be his ex-flame. As it happens, she falls for Sundarapandian again. But trouble begins here. A murder happens and the blame falls on Sundarapandian and then some twist and turns that forms the climax .


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