Pandiyarajan Best Comedy from Aanpavam

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Aanpavam – Tamil Comedy film released in the year 1985 directed by Pandiyarajan. This movie got good credits for Pandiyarajan Best Comedy scenes and his best direction. Aanpavam was his second movie on his direction and debut as actor. Later this movie was a remade in Telugu movie in the name of Nakku Pellam Kavali. Also this movie was remade in Kannada in the name of Rama Krishna.

Pandiyarajan Best Comedy from Aanpavam.

Pandiyan and Pandiyarajan did the male lead roles where as Seetha and Revathi did the female lead roles in this movie. Music for this film was composed by Illayaraja. V.K.Ramasamy and Janagaraj also did role in this movie. Story and direction for this movie was done by Pandiyarajan.

This comedy is all about V.K. Ramasamy, father of Pandian and Pandiyarajan opens a theater in his own village which is being much appreciated by his village people. Mean while his sons does a fight to know who is wearing Pandian’s  trouser. Finally the comedy fells with that trouser was taken by his father. Also, these guys were trying to fight each other to make sure who will be distributing tickets to ladies. This fight comes to an end when V.K.Ramasamy says that I will take care for ladies.

Pandiayarajan acted as Chinna Pandi and Pandiyan acted as Periya Pandi in this movie. Kollangudi Karupayee also did the mother role for V.K.Ramasamy in this movie. Pandiyarajan Best Comedy made this film a huge success and a box office hit in the year of 1985. He also proved as good comedian and good director in this movie.

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