Kalakalappu Best Tamil Comedy Scene

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Kalakalappu Best Tamil Comedy Scene from the movie Tamil comedy film Kalakalappu released in the year 2012. This movie was directed by Sundar.C. Director well know for comedy movies. Vimal, Mirchi Shiva, Anjali and Oviya did the lead roles in this movie. Santham also did a role in this movie. His acting was the turning point to make this movie as success. This movie is a Tamil version of German movie Soul Kitchen. The film is being remade in Telugu as Jump Jilani with Allari Naresh.

Kalakalappu Best Tamil Comedy Scene

In this comedy, Illavarasu is the highlight. He comes to hotel to collect his money from Vimal. Mirchi Shiva who just arrived from jail tells him that his bag was mistakenly took by other person in which the money was there. He makes a call to some number. This goes to the inspector of police where Illavarasu scolds him without knowing that he is police inspector. At the end Mirchi Shiva tells that I wrongly dialed a number. Because of that Illavarsu hides himself from the police.

This makes Illavarsu not to distrub any more Vimal for money. This hilarious comedy refreshes you and makes you to laugh till your stomach gets pain. Watch and Enjoy this Kalakalappu Best Tamil Comedy Scene. From the movie Tamil comedy film Kalakalappu.

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