Goundamani Comedy – Aagaya Thamaraigal

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Goundamani and Senthil Comedy – Aagaya Thamaraigal Goundamani Comedy Scene

Best Goundamani Comedy Scene – Best Tamil Goundamani Comedy and Senthil Comedy scene

Aagaya Tharamigal- Movie released in the year 1985 with Revathi and Suresh as Lead Actors. In this movie Goundamani, SS Chandran and Senthil did the comedian roles.

Especially in this comedy, Goundamani Comedy as a poojari in his village tries to marry girl where the village is against love. He plans perfectly so that the girl acts that she have mental problems where Goundamani Comedy rescue her from marrying a old person who is wealthy in his village. Using this girl Goundamani plans to take all the wealth from the old person and run from the village and got married with the girl in next village.

Senthil did another comedian role where he always lends two rupees from each and every person and not returning them back. Like this he lended more than five thousand in the village where SS Chandran takes responsibility to return back thinking Senthil got two lakhs from Lottery. Later SS chandran will come to know he got only ten rupees from lottery.

Goundamani Comedy also leaves a message that every parents should make their child to go for school where he suffers with no money.


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