Anbulla Rajinikanth Comedy Scene

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Anbulla Rajinikanth movie directed by K.Nataraj which is released in the year 1984.Anbulla Rajinikanth  comedy scene along with bhagyaraj is good in this movie. Rajinikanth, Ambika did the lead roles in this movie. Meena acted as a child actress in this Anbulla Rajinikanth Movie. Bhagyaraj did a guest role in this movie doing as a stage drama with Rajinikanth. This comedy is all about Bhagyaraj and Rajinikanth in Anbulla Rajinikanth Comedy Scene

Anbulla Rajinikanth Comedy Scene

In this Anbulla Rajinikanth Comedy Scene, Bhagyaraj acted as Tenaliraman where as Rajinikanth acted as Krishnadevarayar, the king. In this comedy, Bhagyaraj stops the King Rajinikanth to stop doing a big mistake by putting a rule on his country. With the help of few ladies, Bhagyaraj makes the king to realize his mistake. In turn, King awards him as the King of his country.

To make equality in his country, Bhagyaraj who turned as the new king makes people happy which make them not to come to work. On this, the next country king with his troop comes out for a War where Bhagyaraj needs the help of Ranjinikanth to handle this situation.

Finally Rajinikanth wins against the competition which makes Bhagyaraj to say that Power should in the place where it should be and wisdom should be in the place where it should be. Good Anbulla Rajinikanth Comedy Scene.

This movie especially bagged good reviews for the child artist meena acting and especially for Anbulla Rajinikanth Comedy Scene. Also, best critics for the wonderful acting of Rajini Kanth. In this movie Meena turns out to be a fan of Rajini kanth after watching his movies as she neglects and ill-treat him initially. As a cancer patient and residing in orphanage, Rajini kanth becomes so close to her. On a  Christmas day Meena dies which makes Rajini kanth to cry. This is the one line story of this movie from Anbulla Rajinikanth Comedy Scene.

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