Anbe Sivam Comedy by Kamal and Madhavan

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Anbe Sivam Comedy by Kamal and Madhavan.

Comedy scene from Anbe Sivam Movie

Anbe Sivam movie was released in 2013. Kamalahassan, Madhavan, Kiran did the lead roles in this movie. This movie is all about The film follows the events of an unexpected journey from Bhubaneswar to Chennai which is undertaken by two men who are polar opposites, Nalla Sivam (Kamal Haasan) and Anbarasu (R. Madhavan).

The film addressed a series of themes including that of communism, atheism and altruism, bringing through the film writer Kamal Haasan’s views as a humanist. The film released in January 2003 to critical acclaim, though it became a box office failure. Post-release, the film has garnered a “cult classic” status from critics and television audiences.

Anbe Sivam comedy is the best in this movie from Kamal and Madhavan.


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