Senthil Goundamani Best Comedy Scene

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Senthil Goundamani Best Comedy scene.

Goundamani as a marriage broker tries to look a girl for Senthil. As he found a deaf girl Kovai sarala, he tell lies to senthil and make the arrangement for marriage. Finally, Senthil comes to know about the truth and escapes from the marriage.

Since there was no other option, Kovai Sarala’s father make him to sit as bride and to marry Kovai Sarala. Goundmani who has been already married become husband for two girls.

The comedy scene at the nursing home is the ever best comedy by Goundamani where he is trying to find his purse. It was classical performance and comedy by the Kovai Sarala, her father and Crazy Mohan.

The other best one when they go to see the girl along with Senthil where Goundamani and Crazy mohan tries to hide the truth of both father and kovai sarala were deaf.

Enjoy this ever best comedy scene by Goundamani and Senthil.

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