Pandiyarajan Comedy – SV Sekar Comedy Scene  from Tamil movie named Kathanayagan released in the year 1986.  Pandiyarajan Comedy – SV Sekar Comedy Scene are the best in this movie. Pandiyarajan Comedy – SV Sekar Comedy Scene made this movie in to huge success. Padiyarajan, SV Sekar did the lead roles in this movie. Rekha, Manorama and Ramya krishnan also did a major role in this movie. This movie was directed by Mukta Sreenivasan. This is a timing comedy movie performed by SV Sekar and Pandiyarajan in the whole film. This movie was produced under the banner Mukta Films. Chandra bose did the music for this film.

About Pandiyarajan Comedy – SV Sekar Comedy Scene in Kathanayagan

Pandiyarajan Comedy – SV Sekar Comedy Scene revolves around in office where Pandiyarajan completed his B.Com first class and works as peon where as SV Sekar is SSLC and also works as peon. Both are frustrated and planned to go to Dubai using short way by paying ten thousand rupees to a man. That person cheats them and leaves them in Kerala where the turning point occurs. A smuggler mis understands them as CBI and moves everything carefully but the scene are co-ordinates with their action so that they are caught by the police finally.

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