Janagaraj Comedy Scene – Pattathu Rani

Janagaraj Comedy Scene from Tamil movie Pattathu Rani released in year 1992. This movie was directed by Manivasagam. Edited by L. Kesavan. Music for this film was composed by Deva. Cinematography for this movie was done by R.H.Ashok. Vijayakumar and Goutami did the lead roles. Janagaraj, Delhi Ganesh, Manivasagam, Goundamani, Senthil, Kovai Sarala, Vadivukkarasi did the supporting role in this movie.

Jalagandeswaran (Goundamani) and Rayappan (Senthil) are brothers and house owners of a small colony. The tenants refuse to pay up their rents, knowing that the houses were built on State land. Rayappan has the idea to rent a vacant house to Usha (Gouthami), a beautiful company manageress. Usha is married to a middle-aged man Sundaram (Vijayakumar). The couple move into their new house and befriend with the neighbours. The married neighbours Jalagandeswaran, Viswanathan (Janagaraj), Ganesan (Delhi Ganesh) and Coimbatore (Manivasagam) fall in love with the beautiful Usha. They begin to woo the young woman. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.

Janagaraj Comedy Scene – Pattathu Rani

Janagaraj Comedy Scene from this movie Pattathu Rani is one of the good comedy scene in this movie. Janagaraj Comedy Scene as a tenant in Goundamani & Senthil home comedy scene.  Janagaraj as man who afraid from his wife has been shown in this comedy scene. Watch Janagaraj Comedy Scene from Pattathu Rani in our Tamil Best Comedy site.

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