Goundamani SarathKumar Comedy – Best Tamil movie comedy scene from Mahaprabhu directed by A. Venkatesh. This movie is a Tamil masala film in which A.Venkatesh made his directorial debut. SarathKumar, Sukanya, Goundamani and Senthil did the lead role in this movie. This movie was released in the year 1996.

Sarathkumar, Goundamani and Senthil acted as guys selling black tickets in movie theater. This comedy also revolves and starts with Goundamani’s dialouge while selling his black tickets for movie. Goundamani Sarathkumar comedy scenes are one of the best in this movie along with Goundmani and Senthil combination. Senthil teases Goundmani in each and every of their meet and escapes in a vehicle when Goundamani chases him. Senthil joins to a naxalite where all the comedy scenes are revolving around.

Goundamani SarathKumar Comedy

In this comedy, Senthil also teaches vinitha to become slim where Goundamani makes him to run by the way he teach. In this comedy, Goundamani Sarathkumar comedy after drunk is the classic one in which Sarathkumar tries to sing a old song using a gadam and making a noise disturbance in the area. This comedy also revolves around goundamani sarathkumar collecting donation for the temple in which Sarathkumar tries to know each and every person name by having a glitch on it.

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